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AI Ecosystem

built in Switzerland

Elevate your customer satisfaction and workforce productivity with the best AI models for your industry, connected to your organization's infrastructure, data, and processes.


Interact intuitively with specialized AI assistants that your workforce can leverage without prior training, regardless of their digital skills, to get the best results in seconds, instead of wasting hours finding and writing the perfect AI instruction. Learning Prompt Engineering to get the best AI outputs is not a necessity anymore, just interact as you would with a human.


Connect your private AI to your organization's infrastructures, data sources and processes, so that all responses are reliable and correct. Finally, unify your data across your organization so that the right information is always there, when you need it. And don't change your habits, we seamlessly integrate your custom AI into enterprise tools, products & workflow.


Integrate custom open-source AI models from top AI providers such as Mistral, Huggingface and Llama on-premises or cloud to protect your secrets, your client privacy and comply with data protection regulations. Or leverage AI models from OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere and Google if state-of-the-art confidentiality is not your primary concern.


Configure your own model 10 to 100 times cheaper than current rates and avoid massive energy costs thanks to cutting-edge technologies. In the future, switch to better AI models at the lowest cost, thanks to our modular and adaptable approach that continuously evolves your AI solutions to meet your changing needs.


AI Integration 

Made Seamless

Cyberesia allows your company to dive into the world of AI, offering value to your customers and your workforce without having to write a single line of code or to deal with AI language models complexity. You can easily build one or multiple AI models, customize them to your specific needs, and deploy them in your workflow, regardless of your digital or programming background.

IKiBots creation modes


Seamlessly craft personalized and context-aware AI chatbots infused with your website and your datasources in minutes, connect them in one click to your website to increase conversion & improve customer support, to your platform to reduce churn rates, and to your intranet to increase productivity.

Theme Preview

No need to change the


of your teams

Cyberesia's robust AI tools operate as a Cognitive Intelligence Suite, tailored to boost the prominence of your company and underscore its essential services across various platforms like your own Website via custom chatbots but also WhatsApp, Slack or Microsoft Teams, with a particular focus on enhancing your customer service capabilities. You can feed your IKiBots with multiple sources like web pages or files in common file formats: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV or plain text.

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Key Information

Dedicated Bots

Chat with Data

Source Inside

Always On Hand

A Future-ready ecosystem

no matter 

what happens next.

Cyberesia's AI chatbots are designed to seamlessly adapt and scale with your evolving business needs, data and customers. You can effortlessly tailor interactions to mirror your brand's unique voice and ethos.

With our future-ready and regularly updated solutions, you're always a step ahead in the digital landscape. Whether launching a new product or venturing into a new market, expanding your chatbot's capabilities is a breeze.

Above all, our chatbots are engineered to ensure swift, accurate responses, enhancing user satisfaction every step of the way.

Chat at Lightspeed

CyberesIA: Hi I am CyberesIA, your personal ai assistant. How can I help you today?

Confidential and 

private AI 

by design

Your data is secure, we never store, share or use your data to train an AI models that’s not your own. Once the custom solution is delivered, we do not have any access to it. Our solutions offer enterprise-grade security to keep your data safe, to protect your customers’ privacy and to comply with the latest data protection regulation.

Augmented AI goals

Enter our adaptable AI solutions. Crafted with precision, your AI models will offer a spectrum of expertise, simulating a board of seasoned professionals. From industry-specific insights to financial strategies, legal compliance, and market trends, your AI will cover it all. Customizable AI Board for Your Unique Needs Startup Savant: For young businesses, get insights on market entry, lean operations, and growth hacking. SME Specialist: Navigate the challenges of scaling, managing larger teams, and expanding your market reach. Corporate Counsel: For the big players, get strategic advice on mergers, global expansions, and managing complex operations. Your AI doesn't just offer generic advice. It's designed to understand the nuances of your business size and industry, ensuring the guidance you receive is relevant, actionable, and timely. Plus, with continuous learning capabilities, your AI stays updated with the latest industry trends, market shifts, and emerging challenges. Seamless Integration, Effortless Customization Integrating AI into your decision-making process is a breeze. Whether you're looking to embed it into your existing systems or use it as a standalone advisory platform, customization is straightforward. Adjust parameters, set industry-specific filters, or define the scale of your business, and let our AI do the rest. In a world where the right advice can propel businesses to new heights, your adaptable AI solutions, augmented with your unique datasets, ensure your customers have permanent access to your expert guidance. From startups to corporates, you'll level the playing field, offering access to top-tier advisory services tailored to your customers and personnel unique needs.





Merging custom AI models, specialized AI Agents and proprietary data sources, we are able to help businesses, government agencies and NGOs leverage the power of AI to increase their workforce productivity and their results without any prior training, and to help individuals fulfill their ambition without learning any digital skill.

Clarify all customer doubts

Enhance your customers' support experience by leveraging Cyberesia's chatbots. Embed IKiBots on your website to assist them in resolving any questions or concerns they may have.

Empower Your Workforce

Equip your employees with instant access to internal knowledge bases, training modules, and process guidelines. Streamline internal operations and foster a culture of continuous learning and collaboration with AI-driven insights

Intuitive Workflow Design

Our platform offers an intuitive interface, making it easy to design and customize your AI response flow for a smoother user experience.

Customizable Chatbot Training

Train your chatbot using specific data, streamlining customer support and ensuring efficient onboarding of new team members.

Unified AI Integration

Seamlessly integrate with leading AI or Large Language Model API endpoints, existing or future, for a holistic AI experience.

Consistent and Reliable Outputs

Guarantee consistent output across different providers, ensuring your AI chatbot always provide accurate and standardized responses.

No need to change your routine

Transform your workspace by leveraging your own AI models connected to into your preferred enterprise tools, products & workflow via APIs.

No-Code, No Hassle

Dive into the world of AI without the coding complexities. Easily build and deploy AI chatbots without any coding expertise.

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