CyberBots - The AI Chatbot that knows your business inside out.

Train ChatGPT's AI model with your unique content to evolve your website into a dynamic portal for exploring your products and services.

Enlighten, guide, and convert visitors with an AI chatbot that embodies your brand's voice and knows your business inside out.

Try CyberBots to create your augmented AI chatbots in minutes.

You’re Just 3 Simple Steps Away from Elevating Your Customer Experience with 24/7 Support

Step 1: Load Your Website

With CyberBots, effortlessly enhance your customer support.

Simply input your website URL, upload relevant files, or insert raw text content to create a personalized touch that resonates with your clients.

Step 2: Install On Website

Experience the power of AI-driven chatbots on any site, whenever and wherever you desire.

Embed CyberBots onto your website seamlessly, whether it's your marketing site, in-app support, help center, your intranet, or any other platform.

With an intuitive installation process, you can have your chatbot up and running in just a matter of seconds.

Step 3: Customize and Refine

Take control of your customer support efficiency.

Customize the chatbot's responses with ease, observing chats in real-time through the intuitive dashboard.

Utilize custom instructions to streamline and improve responses based on real chat history to ensure ongoing refinement.

Imagine The Impact of a Chatbot Expertly Responding To Queries 24/7

A Human-like chatbot based on your Enterprise data

With CyberBots, you can enjoy the benefits of a human-like chatbot that is based on your enterprise data.

No coding is required, thanks to our cutting-edge platform.

Get your chatbot integrated into your systems in minutes and experience simplified maintenance and management.

Our ChatGPT-powered chatbots offer multimodal capabilities, supporting vocal and flowchart interactions.

With support for over 100 languages, you can provide global coverage to your customers.

Take advantage of CyberBots' plugin and integration capabilities, seamlessly connecting with any platform.

Experience Support & Sales on Autopilot with CyberBots.

Generate leads by creating customizable forms to collect user data, reduce costs by cutting down on support inquiries, boost conversions while reducing churn, and even let the customer execute transaction using the chatbot.

Effortlessly redirect users to a human agent when necessary and empower customers to execute transactions directly through the chatbot.

Confidential & Reliable by Design

CyberBots offers an intuitive analytics and unified inbox feature, putting you in charge and allowing you to monitor live conversations.

Integration into your existing systems and workflows is seamless, ensuring reliability and accuracy with every response.

Every response is backed by extracted source from your datasets. Designed with privacy in mind, CyberBots is compliant with legislation and offers secure data storage.

You can even choose between cloud-based or on-premises solutions to meet your specific requirements for bullet-proof confidentiality.

Make it your own with advanced customization and specialization

Personalize your chatbot to align with your brand's identity.

Utilize features like quick prompt question suggestions, branding options, and fine-tuning to continuously improve responses based on user feedback.

With specialized AI agents, CyberBots goes beyond customer service and sales assistance, becoming a digital collaborator for your employees.

These AI agents are trained on your company's specific data and processes, allowing them to provide specialized support.

Powerful AI Conversations for the Modern Web

cyberBots AI is fueled by the same AI as OpenAI's ChatGPT Enterprise - with the same level of privacy - and tailored with your website content.

Prepare for unparalleled bespoke experiences for your customers.

Make your Customers' Life Easier with Natural Language Conversations

Unlock the Power of cyberBots AI and Convert Your Website into an Extra Customer Support Ally.

Enhance your products and services appeal by integrating a distinct chatbot endowed with ChatGPT's advanced features.

Your AI assistant will ensure your visitors are attentively engaged and satisfied.

If you have any questions about CyberBots, our chatbot AI solution, feel free to ask the bot.

It's here to assist you.

You’re wondering if CyberBots fits your industry? Here’s some short examples.


CyberBots can assist consulting firms by providing instant responses to client inquiries, offering personalized recommendations, and assisting with scheduling consultations. They can also help in knowledge sharing, delivering industry insights, and guiding clients through the consulting process.

Digital Services:

In the digital services industry, CyberBots can offer 24/7 support for technical issues, guide customers through troubleshooting processes, and provide information on service packages. They can also help with onboarding new clients, answering common inquiries, and offering customized solutions.


CyberBots can be utilized in educational institutions to provide students with instant access to course materials, address academic-related queries, offer study tips, and facilitate communication with professors. They can also provide information on admissions, program offerings, and assist in career guidance.


CyberBots can aid government agencies by providing information regarding public services, answering frequently asked questions, and assisting citizens with online processes such as applying for permits or accessing government resources. They can also support crisis management and provide real-time updates during emergencies.

Healthcare Industry:

CyberBots can be deployed in healthcare settings to offer patients general medical information, guide them in scheduling appointments, provide medication reminders, and answer common healthcare-related questions. They can also assist healthcare professionals by collecting patient data and streamlining administrative tasks.

In the legal industry, CyberBots can assist clients in finding relevant legal information, answering basic legal queries, scheduling consultations, and providing updates on case status. They can also aid legal professionals by automating tasks such as document generation and legal research.

Financial Services:

CyberBots can be employed by financial service providers to offer personalized financial advice to clients, provide information on banking products, facilitate transactions, and assist in account management. They can also address common customer queries regarding policies, investments, and loans.

Food & Beverage:

CyberBots can enhance the food and beverage industry by providing personalized menu recommendations, assisting with online reservations, answering customer inquiries about ingredients or dietary restrictions, and offering information on special promotions or discounts.


In the insurance sector, CyberBots can guide customers through policy selection, provide instant quotes, assist in claims processing, and offer general insurance-related information. They can also provide personalized coverage suggestions and help with policy renewals.


CyberBots can assist manufacturing companies by providing instant support for customer inquiries, offering product information, providing updates on order status, and addressing common technical questions. They can also assist with inventory management and facilitate after-sales support.

Marketing Services:

In the marketing industry, CyberBots can offer clients information on campaign strategies, provide real-time analytics updates, assist in lead generation, answer common marketing questions, and provide guidance on marketing automation tools and platforms.


CyberBots can support the pharmaceutical industry by providing information on medication dosage, side effects, and interactions. They can also offer guidance on over-the-counter products, provide answers to medical queries, and assist in scheduling doctor appointments or accessing telemedicine services.

E-commerce & Retail:

CyberBots can enhance the e-commerce and retail sectors by providing product recommendations, assisting with the buying process, offering personalized discount codes, and addressing customer inquiries. They can also provide real-time stock updates and facilitate returns or exchanges.


Startups can leverage CyberBots for various purposes, such as providing instant customer support, handling frequently asked questions, assisting in user onboarding, and collecting user feedback. They can also offer information on product features, pricing plans, and provide support during product launches.


CyberBots can assist software companies by offering technical support, guiding users through software installations or troubleshooting, providing software documentation, and addressing common inquiries related to functionality and features. They can also aid in collecting user feedback for future software improvements.


In the telecom industry, CyberBots can provide support for billing inquiries, assist in network troubleshooting, offer information on service plans and promotions, and aid in SIM card activation or other account-related queries. They can also assist in providing self-service options for customers.


CyberBots can assist in the emerging Web3 space by providing information on blockchain technologies, guiding users through onboarding processes, answering queries on decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, and providing support for wallet management and NFT-related inquiries.

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