About us

Cyberesia is a Swiss company expert in augmented artificial intelligence (AI) that designs digital applications to optimize the flow of social, commercial, and financial interactions.

Our holistic approach and our expertise in the latest technologies have enabled us to develop an AI ecosystem in record time, offering private, augmented, specialized, and sustainable generative AI applications for individuals and tailored AI solutions for organizations.

Why we care ?

In the early days of Cyberesia, there was just one father and one son with a clear vision and set objectives. Our concern for the future is not just a posture, it's a vital necessity that merges with our own aspiration: to ensure that each generation passes on to the next a world better than the one it received.

Our philosophy

Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology to create unique connection links between businesses and consumers, we are laying the foundations for an efficient model of exchange, adapted to all the requirements of tomorrow's world.

Our Four Pillars


Patterns identification capabilities enable us to identify where the future flows to position ourselves correctly to continue to grow and thrive in the continuous disruption we all live in to seize the best opportunities.


Our ability to develop new technologies thanks to our in-house talents with exceptional expertise and our international network of experts enables us to produce tomorrow's world solutions in record time.


A Global-localism approach to provide scalable solutions that solve both global and local problems faced by individuals and organizations alike.

Confidential by design

Heirs to the Swiss values of discretion and confidentiality, our softwares benefit from the highest levels of confidentiality, based on the most rigorous industry standards, thereby providing all the assurances of proper business conduct.

Who are the founders of Cyberesia ?

Cyberesia was conceptualized by Sal. With almost 30 years of experience in IT as a trainer, consultant, entrepreneur, and solution architect for leading multinationals, he has developed over time a vision and a method to optimize the flow of social, commercial and financial interactions through new technologies that he exploits daily whether it is blockchain, IoT or artificial intelligence.

His specialty is finding the best in his peers, improving it by building on it and radically changing its framework to produce a functional application that solves real-world problems with a novel approach.

Inspired by his father's creativity and vision, his son Kilian Thomas joined him. He brings a positive complementarity thanks to his strong interest and knowledge in AI, Web3, programming, and strategy. With a background in business law and a passion for history and economics, he has developed a rigorous synthesis and systems mindset that allows him to identify patterns that have already emerged and untapped opportunities.

His specialty is to transcribe in simple terms the complexity behind a disruptive project and the possibilities it opens.

In order to economically support this ambitious project, we deploy intuitive and interconnected multimodal AI solutions powered by custom AI models and custom data sources so that anyone can leverage the AI revolution to simplify his work, his business, and his daily life, on mobile, desktop or on the web, and no matter what language he speak.

Simple, flexible, and pleasant to use, they help organization leverage the power of AI to increase their results in no time and to help individuals fulfill their ambition without learning any digital skill. We help them to make their digital experience consistent with modern and sustainable lifestyles.

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