Welcome to the Cyberesia Ecosystem.

What is Cyberesia?

Cyberesia is a complete ecosystem offering Private, Augmented, Specialized and Sustainable Generative AI to help organizations leverage the power of AI to increase their results in no time and to help individuals fulfill their ambition without learning any digital skill.

Our vision is crystal-clear:

25 years ago, everyone started using computers, 15 years ago everyone started using smartphones, in less than 5 years, everyone will use AI every day.

AI is the new industrial revolution.

Some are enthusiast, some scared, nevertheless, AI don't let anyone indifferent.

But we all have one thing in common: we need to learn and adapt.

For this reason, we’ve set a simple mission:

Building Intuitive and interconnected multimodal AI solution powered by custom AI models or custom data sources so that anyone can leverage the AI revolution to simplify his work, his business, and his daily life, on mobile, desktop or on the web, and no matter what language he speak.

Where other companies focus either on consumer-oriented solutions or enterprise solutions, we propose a new path: building a synergistic ecosystem where the benefits of each approach meet those of the other.

Working on consumer applications (code-named Consumer AI or IKi suite) requires us to offer intuitive interfaces and relevant interactions regardless of the user's digital skills, while working on enterprise solutions (code-named Enterprise AI or Cyber suite) demands that we remain at the forefront of technology and respect the highest levels of confidentiality.

The experience we have gained from working on both fronts enables us to offer an integrated application suite unmatched on the market:

Consumer AI

Fully secure by design, and can be connected to Enterprise AIs at the click of a button.

Enterprise AI solutions

Benefit from an intuitive user experience, and are easy to use without requiring any prior training, resulting in a drastic increase in workforce productivity and greater satisfaction for end-customers who may interact with these solutions.

Each in its own way, our solutions address the 4 main problems that limit the use of generative AI in daily and professional life.

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