IKiPop - AI Chrome Extension

IKiPop is a versatile free Chrome extension designed to let you access to all your favorite proprietary and augmented AI models while browsing.

This multilingual add-on enhances your browsing by providing numerous features, whether for customers connecting to CyberBox, our private solution, or anyone wanting to tap into their preferred models like Bing, ChatGPT and Google Bard into your browser. It can be used freely by anyone looking to connect with their own public or private AI models.

Add this Free AI Chrome Extension to your browser via the Chrome Web Store

How it works ?

The plugin enables you to literally chat with your browser page content:

  1. Pose questions and receive responses based on the webpage context.
  2. Create concise summaries of online content to grasp key points swiftly.
  3. Translate web pages into other languages, expanding your global reach.
  4. Generate unique phrasing for selected text.
  5. Extract crucial points from videos.
  6. Clarify complex terms or concepts.
  7. Segment extensive text into more digestible parts.
  8. Decipher the purpose and functionality and review changes of code.


These functionalities are effortlessly available through a user-friendly menu and enhance your web exploration experience.

IKiPop seamlessly integrates with popular platforms, enabling direct assistance. Its floating chat boxes facilitate complex discussions, supporting multiple conversation threads with ease.

A distinctive feature of the tool is the capacity to swiftly connect with various AI providers, allowing immediate access to your favorite services, with the ability to switch between them conveniently.

How to set up and use IKiPop:

  1. Install the extension and pin it for immediate accessibility.

  2. Click on it to access its settings panel and select the API mode you wish to interact with (you can add or remove model from your default list in the 'Modules' tab).

  3. Once set, you just need to refresh the tab or open a new one to see a context menu appear when you select a piece of text, providing shortcuts to the main tools.

  4. An immersive chat interface can be accessed via settings or right-clicking a selection.

  5. Open settings for configuration, adjusting according to your needs, such as language or model selection.

  6. Personalize available tools and theme in the menu and tweak the response length and its sensibility through the “Advanced” tab.

  7. If the menu doesn't appear post-installation, refresh the page or restart your browser. In case a model doesn't function as anticipated, you have the flexibility to switch.


Note that we prioritize your privacy and don't collect or transmit any data beyond what you share during your conversations. Please exercise caution and avoid sharing sensitive information when using public AI services.

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